A Very Touchy Topic – Controlling Abuse

I have the illustrious distinction of being the victim of controlling abuse both in my marriage of 43 years and for 13 of those years in a religious cult.  I’m also a victorious survivor of both,  have managed to unshackle myself, and am living a very happy and free life these days.  It’s important for me to share my experience, and the vital life-changing information that I have discovered  on my journey , in the hope others might find their escape to freedom.  One does not wiggle free without effort and determination, but it may not be as difficult as you think once you understand the truth of the situation.

The main reason many of us stay in shackles is that we cannot see them clearly.

Since many people who are victims of this type of abuse find it a fearful thing to research for answers and may be living in oppressive situations that will not allow them to read books with titles that trigger abuse in their spouses, I have decided to use my blog site as a resource for anyone who wants to read about this topic.

I will include a list of websites and books for those free enough to utilize them.  Since many resources cannot be accessed by people in the trap or the spell of current abuse, I will quote from these sources here to give those people a taste of what freedom looks like in the hope they will break free enough to utilize more complete helps as they progress along their path to freedom.

Let’s get started since most abuse victims don’t have a lot of time or energy to pursue freedom.  At first they can only make short, quick forays into forbidden truth.



About toonktoon

Wife to 1, mom to 8, nonna to 9, friend of God, lover of creatures great and small. Avid reader and intense writer. Joyful organic gardener. Stay at home LPN.
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4 Responses to A Very Touchy Topic – Controlling Abuse

  1. buzzemom says:

    Thanks for speaking out. Who.knows who this information will help!

  2. buzzemom says:

    Thanks for the information. Hoping this will help.others

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