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Wife to 1, mom to 8, nonna to 9, friend of God, lover of creatures great and small. Avid reader and intense writer. Joyful organic gardener. Stay at home LPN.

For Ozzie

I See a Cardinal Patch of crimson bright Against pine green Movement slight Head turning Eyes watching Carrot orange beak Hop to this branch Hop to that Frozen, now flutter Up to the highest tree top Tiny red weather vane … Continue reading

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What is the difference between reactive and controlling abuse?

Reactive abuse occurs when one or both parties lose control of their negative emotions, their frustrations, or their tempers during times of stress or provocation.  An outburst or eruption occurs.  In this type of abuse the person does not stop … Continue reading

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A Very Touchy Topic – Controlling Abuse

I have the illustrious distinction of being the victim of controlling abuse both in my marriage of 43 years and for 13 of those years in a religious cult.  I’m also a victorious survivor of both,  have managed to unshackle … Continue reading

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